Saturday, 8 August 2015

Best Nose Strips?!

Hi everyone,

Today's post is a first impression on Purederm deep cleansing nose strips. This was my first time using a nose strip, as I had heard mixed responses about them working or not. I got them from Holland & Barrett for £2.99 (pack of 6) which I think is really good, as using the more expensive brands like Biore can go up to £7.99! And considering I wasn't entirely sure if they'd work, I wouldn't have been wasting a lot of money if they didn't.


Good news is that they did work very well! I was really impressed and they managed to get a lot of the gunk out of my pores. It was easy to put on and stuck on nicely. I left mine on for about 15 minutes then pulled it off slowly, it didn't hurt much at all as I thought it might. Once it was taken off, my nose felt oil free and smooth and looked clearer (as my pores are quite big so guess they contain more dirt)

I would recommend pulling the strip off slowly and against itself to make sure the dirt and everything comes out properly, on one side I made the mistake of doing it quickly and not getting as much out as the other side! I will definitely be repurchasing, and they had strips for your forehead and chin too which I may try out. I intend on using a strip once a month, as some beauty gurus have said it's not good to use on a regular basis as it can make your pores bigger.

Results from my nose strip

- Use hot water to wet your nose before using the strip to open your pores, and cold water to rinse off residue and tighten pores again

- Use a poor tightening mask afterwards to ensure pores are closed and won't get gunky as quickly

Enjoy using them if you do try them out, I find it oddly satisfying!



  1. Thanks for the tip :) I haven't tried this brand yet, so I think I will now ^^