Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour

Hi everyone :)

This week I'm doing a first impression/review on Revolution's sculpt and contour kit. I hadn't tried anything from Revolution before, but was intrigued to try something as when I've walked past their section in Superdrug, it does look like Superdrug have put a lot of effort into it and have focused on providing dupes for high end products like the Naked palettes, for a very affordable price!

When I purchased this set from Revolution I had such high hopes for this product, and honestly thought I'd be writing a good review for this as I'd seen other reviews on this make up brand saying how good the quality is for the price.. how wrong was I. The set includes a bronzer, highlighter and blush. I mainly got this for the bronzer, as it's matte and not too much of a dark brown for my pale skin. When I applied it, it was so hard to blend and ended up not looking natural, it also looked too dark on me where I wasn't able to blend it out properly, which resulted in me having to remove it and reapply my foundation. Next was the highlighter, I applied it with my finger onto my cheekbones and it was almost like putting nothing on.. it was very subtle and like the bronzer, it was hard to blend out. For anyone who likes a strong highlight should stay clear lol. As for the blusher I didn't bother trying it so can't really comment on it, although I can actually imagine it being better than the bronzer and highlighter for some reason. Aside from that I do really like the colours of the highlighter and blusher, the highlighter was like a champaginey pinky colour, and the blush was a pretty shimmery mid pink colour. I also thought the pigmentation of the bronzer was good, you don't need much on your brush at all to get a natural look (if you can blend it out that is!).

It hasn't put me off buying other products from their range, and I don't think you guys should be put off either, I obviously just picked the wrong product and it may well work for some of you. I would still recommend the contour set or any other make up pieces from their brand, for girls just starting out with make up as it's cheap and won't matter if it doesn't work, you don't like it etc. I think the eye-shadow palettes from Revolution have some really nice wearable colours in, and I would be willing to try them out, and hopefully work a lot better than the contour set!

Revolution is only available at Superdrug.
Ultra Sculpt & Contour Set- £3.50
Colour- Ultra Fair C01


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