Wednesday, 8 July 2015

T/Gel Shampoo For Psoriasis

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog, I will be posting mainly first impressions and reviews on beauty products, and sometimes a few random things as well as fashion. I aim to post roughly once a week (no set day) and most of the beauty products will be drug store as I can't afford high end haha. I hope everyone enjoys :)

My first post is going to be a review on Neutrogena's T/Gel Shampoo, bit of a strange product to be doing my first post on I know. When I was in secondary school I noticed I had a very dry, flaky and itchy scalp at the back, and all the white flakes would end up on my uniform (gross I know). So I went to the doctors and he explained that I had scalp psoriasis which is a skin condition, where the skin cells grow too quickly and end up being flaky and build up on the scalp, luckily I only have it on the back of my scalp. He prescribed me some cream to use and it worked really well and cleared it up, after this I left it and never treated it anymore. However it came back again about a year or so later.

My hairdresser recommended T/Gel Shampoo to me so I took her advice and tried it out. From the first time I used it, I could feel straight away it had helped to get rid of it and my scalp was feeling a lot softer, however it didn't get rid of it completely. I carried on using it each time I washed my hair and in 2-3 weeks it was gone! This product is really good for anyone suffering with scalp psoriasis or even bad dandruff. You can buy it from any drugstore or supermarket and is usually around £4.90. The only fault I have with this shampoo is that it smells quite strong and not that pleasant because of the coal tar, and makes my hair smell of it too even though I use regular shampoo with it too. Other than that it does the job amazingly. 


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